Is Your Website Working?

September 28, 2010

A new publication "AEC Web Site Cookbook" from ZweigWhite, a management consulting firm based in Natick, Mass., outlines seven ways a construction firm's website should be producing results. For further information, call 508-651-1559; or visit

  1. Generate new leads.
    Your website should be a powerful marketing tool, introducing clients to your firm and services.
  2. Enhance reputation.
    A website portraying your firm as a market-sector leader/technical expert can help attract new clients, partners and employees.
  3. Serve clients.
    Improve client service by setting up project and public-involvement websites for them and by providing web-design services and online feedback.
  4. Attract partners.
    Just as your site can attract potential clients, so it can attract partners you may not know.
  5. Recruit employees.
    Your website is one of the first places people look to learn more about your company. Tell them what your firm does and what your workplace is like.
  6. Improve productivity.
    Websites can be used to save time your employees currently spend on administrative tasks.
  7. Reduce costs.
    A website can help cut costs of printing and mailing multiple hard copies of marketing pieces.