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Yamaha Power to Acquire Subaru Power

December 13, 2016

Effective October 1, 2017, Subaru Industrial Power Products will no longer manufacture multipurpose engines; it will be acquired by Yamaha Outdoor Power Equipment. Technology relating to three engines—EH65, EH72, and EH65V—will be transferred to Yamaha, which will make and market the lineup.

Yamaha is a division of Yamaha Motor Co., and Subaru is part of Fuji Heavy Industries, both of Japan.

“Yamaha has made the multipurpose engine market a priority,” said Jim McPherson, Yamaha’s Outdoor Power Equipment division manager. “The Subaru Industrial Power Products acquisition further solidifies Yamaha’s commitment to continuing our recent expansion into this important segment of our business.”

Through the acquisition, Yamaha will continue after-sales service for Fuji Heavy Industries’ multipurpose engine business in North America (excluding Mexico).

Source: Yamaha

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