Woman Killed When Gravel Truck Tips Over, Crushing Car

March 27, 2015

An OSHA investigation continues to determine what caused a construction trailer carrying gravel to tip over, crushing a car and killing a 32-year-old pregnant woman who was inside the vehicle in Martinez, Calif. Construction work at the scene of the accident was shut down the following day. 

The heavy truck filled with gravel was part of work for the city's "Alhambra Valley Road Sidewalk Gap Closure and Shell Avenue Pedestrian/Bicycle Improvement Project."  JJR Construction, the project contractor, had sent notices to some residents in the area about the work, which began March 9 and is supposed to last 30 days. 

The driver was raising the trailer to dump the gravel, Martinez police Lt. Aaron Roth said, when the rig tipped over onto the woman's car in her own driveway. Police said she had been asked by a work crew member to move her car moments before the accident.