Wireless Tracking Improves Service

September 28, 2010

"The majority of our business is from repeat customers," says Jay Dee Sale, director of parts and service for Red Mountain Machinery, a rental company serving Southern California, Arizona and Nevada. "It's our service that keeps them coming back."

The scale of Red Mountain's success posed a service challenge that Qualcomm's wireless equipment-tracking system has helped address.

"At any given time, our equipment could be spread among 100 different customer locations," says Sale. "Our key challenge is keeping track of where it is and the hours it's being run."

Before installing GlobalTRACS systems, the company relied on customers to track and report hours. It was often inconvenient for the customer and inconsistent for billing. But using Qualcomm's satellite-communications systems to remotely monitor engine hours and location information delivers precise information.

Sale says preventive service is always done at the right time, and expects lower long-term maintenance costs and extended equipment life. Knowing exact locations saves time technicians once used searching for machines. And accurate, timely usage data allows Red Mountain to bill more accurately. It means quicker response times, better information flow, and less downtime.

"For us, the payback has definitely been in lower maintenance and tracking costs," Sale says.