Who’s Responsible for What on a Concrete Pumping Jobsite?

April 29, 2016

Christi Collins, executive director of the American Concrete Pumping Association, says in her "Placing Responsibility" article on ConcreteConstruction.net that as of March 2015 almost everyone working on a concrete pour acquired an expanded job description. Changes that went into effect with the new American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) safety standard make the jobsite safer than ever, but they also entail a new level of accountability and cooperation among the pump operator, the ready-mix truck driver, and the concrete placing crew.

The goal of ASME B30.27-2014, Material Placement Systems is to make sure that hazards on concrete pour jobs are someone's responsibility - assigning ownership of a safety hazard lessens the probability of an accident because a particular crew member gives that task full and educated attention.

According to ASME B30.27-2014, these crew members have new, expanded responsibilities:

  • Pump owner
  • Pump or belt operator
  • Material placement system users
  • Site supervisors and pour supervisors
  • Concrete supplier
  • Placing crew

Collins' article explains the changes in the new safety standard, OSHA's future steps, and provides excellent resources to download.

Within "Placing Responsibility" you will find links to:

  • Detailed list of responsibilities assigned each crew member
  • Slideshow for new concrete placing responsibilities
  • ASME B30.27 Jobsite Responsibilities for Concrete Material Placing Systems FAQs
  • ASME Material Placement Systems order site for print and ebooks

Source: ConcreteConstruction.net