When You Need to Know How High is High

June 23, 2016
When You Need to Know How High is High



Elevation data is vital to construction and mining. To collect that data, DroneDeploy now offers its enhanced elevation and volume tools for use with drone mapping functions.

Users can capture relative elevation data and measure stockpile volumes in a 15-minute drone flight. The ability to immediately view the elevation of any point can be used for a variety of different purposes. DroneDeploy's program makes it easy to measure the height of a structure or use the elevation and distance between points to calculate slopes, and more.

To calculate the volume of a bench in a pit mine or walled stockpile where the base of the structure can’t be easily defined by drawing a perimeter on the ground can be done by making a small adjustment to the volume tool.  Using the lowest selected point to define the base of the volume want to calculate will allow volume calculations that are useful and accurate for a broader range of volume calculations.

Users can export their data into various GIS software for comparative work,  generating contour maps, and design work. Visit https://www.dronedeploy.com/ for more information.