What Truck Drivers Can't See

September 28, 2010

What Truck Driver's Can't See
What Truck Driver's Can't See 

"Share the Road" is a program of the American Trucking Association (ATA) aimed at teaching car drivers how to safely share the road with tractor-trailer rigs. According to federal statistics, about 75 percent of truck-related auto fatalities are the fault of the car driver, and 35 percent of those accidents occur in a truck's blind spot.

The program uses as spokespeople members of America's Road Team, a group of professional truck drivers with exemplary safety records. They travel across the country, conducting safety demonstrations for the media in an effort to reach the public. By educating motorists about blind spots, safe merging and stopping distances, ATA and "Share the Road" sponsor Mack Trucks hope to reduce accidents and save lives.