What Does It Cost to Move Dirt?

Staff | September 28, 2010

User #1: What is the cheapest price a person could move dirt about 500 to 1,000 feet in an 8-foot cut? It's overburden, so you would dump the dirt back into hole.

User #2: I believe, and it's fairly well documented, that the biggest dozer you can manage will do that relatively short distance in the most economical fashion with the least operators. It does depend on the material and any slope, though.

User #3: How about four 637's tag teaming? I have never been the number cruncher on a job, but if the conditions are right on a haul that short, we can cycle in five minutes. All four push-pull loading in a train can be loaded and gone in under a minute. It takes some really good operators and a good blade man on the haul roads, though, to keep the production going that good. We were putting out like that in near-perfect conditions.

User #4: Scrapers would be fastest and probably cheapest. Either way you will need at least one dozer and a blade for haul road and clean up work. 627s would be good as would TS14s. 637 size for small amount of dirt like this is probably overkill, but they would move a lot of muck quickly.

Artics and an excavator are slower, and you still need the blade and dozer. If ground conditions are really sloppy, then these might be better. Artics don't come cheap, nor does a 385.

User #2: If you have to haul it and it is loose spoil, use a loader for ADTs rather than an excavator. This will half your loading time.

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