Walgreens Well Under Way in Clinton, MA

By Joanne Ray | September 28, 2010

Pictured here is the Stormtech drainage system designed to recycle the water on site to alleviate flooding underneath the parking lot.

Tear down the old. Put up the new.

That's what PM Construction Co. is doing these days in many areas of New England. Among other structures, the company is currently building Walgreen Stores — three in Maine, four in Massachusetts and two in New Hampshire.

"Even though times are hard, this is the busiest we have ever been," said Job Superintendent Tim Rivard.

One of the four Walgreens currently being built in MA is located at the corner of Brook and Main Streets in Clinton. The 14,450-square-foot Walgreens will be situated on 1.5 acres of land that was once the site of four parcels — a gas station, two homes and a vacant piece of land.

"This will be quite an improvement over what was here before," Rivard said.

Because part of the site included the gas station and still has an abutting oil company, the site had to be remediated before work began.

"We have all kinds of environmental things going on," Rivard said. "We had some contaminants from the old gas station and the oil company next door."

The job broke ground in July. The developer is Richmond and Co., Inc. from Wilmington, MA, which buys up the properties and leases them out to Walgreen stores. The 20-year old, Saco, ME-based PM Construction was hired to do the job and has just 26 weeks to get the job done.

But this, they are used to.

"In addition to Walgreens, we do Hannaford sites as well as CVS and Rite Aid," Rivard said.

The list goes on to include Shaw's, Banks, Pizza Huts, Dunkin Donuts, fire stations, strip malls, and more.

In Clinton, the August days saw crew members from Seamen's Construction of Old Orchard Beach, ME, stripping the forms and footers and prepping for the pours.

"We submit a design mix to the engineer," Rivard said. "The walls and footers are a 3,000-psi mix."

Waltham, MA-based Pitt Pipeline Company, Inc., a 30-year old company that specializes in site preparation and underground utilities, was on site to do the drainage work — including water and sewer, all the utility work as well as electrical and paving.

"We are working on an elaborate drainage system by Stormtech Systems — an underground chamber system that takes the place of a detention pond," said Project Superintendent Ted Murray. "The system recycles the water on site to alleviate flooding underneath the parking lot."

Rivard said the company will not talk about project cost at this time.

"We like to watch out for our customer," Rivard said. "They don't like to talk about costs."

Other contractors on this job included: Roberts Dismantling and Recycling Corp., demolition; Barker Steel Supply from Canton, MA, rebar; Carriglio Construction from Stoneham, MA, masonry; SL Chase Welding and Fabrication from Hudson, NH, steel; Granite State Construction Roofing from Londenderry, NH, roof work; Red Star Building Systems, interior framing and drywall; State Wide Electrical from Methuen, MA — electrical; and Dussault Mechanical from Hudson, NH, HVAC and plumbing.