Wacker Neuson Compatec System Indicates Optimum Compaction

October 20, 2015
Wacker Neuson Compatec System Indicates Optimum Compaction

Wacker Neuson’s RTxSC3 Series trench rollers are now available with the company’s Compatec system. A sensor located near the drums measures the vibration level and determines the extent of soil compaction. The system’s indicator consists of eight highly visible LEDs, and the number of lights illuminated increases with each pass until maximum compaction is attained. The system takes the guess work out of determining when soil has reached ultimate compaction, says Wacker Neuson, and eliminates unnecessary passes

The Compatec system also warns the operator  (by flashing all eight lights) when the machine is approaching an overload or over-compaction condition, or when operated on a hard surface. Located on the back of the roller, the Compatec display is positioned to be clearly visible to the operator, and LED brightness automatically adjusts to the environment to allow reading the display in bright sunlight.

Wacker Neuson’s RTxSC3 (Smart Control 3) is operated with a line-of-sight infrared remote control that allows the operator to remain out of the trench, away from the dust and noise of the machine. This control technology, says Wacker Neuson, eliminates dangerous blind spots should the unit move behind an obstruction, and stops the machine should the operator become distracted and turn away from the machine. Also, the machine will stop moving and vibrating if the operator approaches to within 3 feet of the roller’s sensing eyes or releases the controller’s joysticks.

Other recent refinements to Wacker Neuson’s trench roller series includes the addition of a third receiving eye on top the unit, designed to ensure continued smoother operation along the trench, without interruption, as the machine momentarily passes under shoring cross bars. The RTx Series features a compact design with a low center of gravity, says the company, and drum width can be changed from 32 inches to 22 inches to accommodate varying trench widths. Two diesel-engine options are available: 20.7-horsepower Kubota or 19.8-horsepower Kohler.