Wacker Electric Breaker With Lower Vibrations/Increased Power

Staff | September 28, 2010

Wacker's EH 27 Low Vib electric breaker offers more power with less hand arm vibration (HAV). This newly-engineered model has a leaf spring dampening system that is the basis for the reduction of HAV to 5.5 m/s2, providing the lowest HAV in its product class, and is a 28-percent reduction from previous models.

The unit is said to be the only machine in the industry that dampens vibrations in the entire upper housing including the handles which protects the user's body from vibrations, increasing productivity through reduced fatigue and longer working duration. An added benefit to this model is an increase in power up to 18 percent.

The air percussion system offers high single stroke energy with minimal machine weight creating the highest productivity with "best in class" power-to-weight ratio. The EH 27 Low Vib weighs in at 60 pounds, hits with 37 foot-pounds of impact energy at a rate of 1,000 blows-per-minute. This user-friendly tool also offers an additional third handle for maximum versatility at different angles and provides greater operator control. The heavy-duty plastic housing keeps the overall machine weight down and does not get hot during operation.