Volvo Trucks, Shell Partner on LNG

April 1, 2013

Volvo Trucks has entered into an agreement with Shell to help develop Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a fuel option for heavy duty trucks.

Volvo and Shell are working together in areas where they complement each other including technical, commercial and regulatory developments in LNG. The agreement aims to provide a complete solution to customers to help them convert to LNG as a fuel.  This nonexclusive agreement focuses primarily on North America and Europe. 

The companies will place priority on standardization of safety codes, operating standards and technical specifications. Shell and Volvo Trucks will collaborate on technical matters such as fuel quality across markets, engine compatibility, and well to wheel emissions monitoring. 

“For heavy duty truck operators, especially those looking to invest in a new fleet, LNG can be a cost-competitive fuel choice compared to conventional diesel,” says Lauran Wetemans, general manager for downstream LNG at Shell. “By collaborating with Volvo, and with our in-depth knowledge of LNG and commercial fuels we are well placed to bring LNG Fuel another step closer to our customers.”