Volvo Trucks Adds Advanced Analytics and AI to Remote Diagnostics

October 24, 2018
Volvo Trucks is using a platform from SAS to enhance its remote diagnostics

Volvo Trucks is using “an advanced analytics platform” from SAS to enhance its remote diagnostics. The platform provides “greater processing power to the data behind diagnostic codes,” said Ash Makki, Volvo Trucks North America product marketing manager.

“We’ve been able to expand the parts and trouble codes we monitor and recognize situational patterns that help us improve accuracy and obtain better insight into root causes,” he said. “These enhancements ultimately mean Volvo Action Service (VAS) agents receive more precise data that allows them to better analyze trouble codes and provide actionable information to decision-makers and repair facilities, helping maximize vehicle uptime.”

Conal Deedy, director of connected vehicles services, said the SAS platform helps the company with machine learning and artificial intelligence efforts.

“We’re uncovering hidden insights in our data and merging that with the truck knowledge from our engineering group,” he said. “Together we are in a much better situation to understand exactly what the data is telling us and integrating it into the Remote Diagnostics service.

“With the SAS platform in place, Volvo can process millions of records in real-time, expanding Volvo’s Remote Diagnostics capabilities, which on average helps reduce diagnostic time by 70 percent and repair time 25 percent.”

Jason Mann, SAS VP of IoT, said Volvo Trucks and SAS have worked together to “extract value from IoT data flowing from each vehicle.”

Source: Volvo Trucks

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