Volvo Launches Telematic Tool

September 28, 2010

After testing on several continents, Volvo unveiled the first iteration of its telematic, remote-machine management system. CareTrack exchanges information over a wireless network to monitor machines in the field. It will use a combination of satellite and cellular systems to transmit machine location and use information to a secure website machine owners can access with a password.

Volvo developed CareTrack, making it the only system able to interact with Volvo's on-board diagnostic systems. Information on how much fuel a machine uses, when and how it is used, and error codes generated by onboard diagnostics can all be captured without needing to be on site.

CareTrack can restrict how many hours of the day a machine works and where it goes, allowing owners to set timers or virtual "geofences." If the machine exceeds these boundaries, CareTrack sets off alarms or immobilizes the machine to stop unauthorized use.

CareTrack reports location, fuel consumption, work and idle time wirelessly from locations all over the globe.