Volvo Launches Line of Rigid Haul Trucks

January 16, 2018
Volvo R100E haul truck is a newly designed model.

The Volvo-branded line of rigid haul trucks includes four models. Development of the trucks has relied heavily on the longstanding rigid-hauler expertise of Volvo’s subsidiary, Terex Trucks, in combination with new Volvo engineering, the company says.

The new hauler range, which will initially be launched in less-regulated markets, includes the 45­-ton R45D, 60-­ton R60D, 72­-ton R70D, and 100-­ton R100E, the latter a newly designed model.

With the launch of Volvo-branded rigid haulers, production of Terex Trucks rigid haulers will, over time, cease, the company says. The new Volvo rigid haulers will be manufactured at the Volvo Motherwell production facility in Scotland and sold exclusively through the Volvo dealer network.

Volvo’s Terex Trucks­branded articulated hauler range will continue to be designed and built at the Motherwell facility and distributed through pre­existing Terex Trucks independent dealer network.