Volvo Construction Equipment Million Ton Guarantee (sponsored content)

March 27, 2014

The Volvo Million Ton Guarantee is a North American after-purchase paver program whereby customers of registered Volvo 7000 Series asphalt pavers receive manufacturer support for the replacement of certain wear parts, including auger rebuild and conveyor rebuild parts, to ensure the paver maintains top working condition over an approximate term of one million tons of asphalt laid.

The term of the guarantee is based on a U.S. national average of 250,000 tons of asphalt laid per year, totalling approximately five years or work seasons, which yields an average of 500 to 700 hours during seven to eight months of asphalt paving.

Volvo 7000 Series pavers included in the guarantee are the P7110 tracked and P7170 wheeled asphalt pavers purchased in 2014, with the five-year timeframe beginning at the time the paver is initially purchased by the end user.

During the duration of the guarantee program, the paver machine owner will have access to rebuilds as determined by the paver wear check manual from Volvo Construction Equipment. A replacement parts schedule, based on current price lists in U.S. Dollars, includes 100 percent of rebuild parts costs covered by Volvo during the first rebuild. During the second rebuild, 50 percent of rebuild parts costs are covered by Volvo. During the third rebuild — and any rebuild required within the five-year timeframe thereafter — 25 percent of rebuild parts costs are covered by Volvo.