Vista Offers Web-based ADT Training

August 17, 2012

Vista Training has launched a new ADT training module as part of its Silver Series of web-deliverable operator training programs.

Because the program is web-based, trainees can view it any time, anywhere a high-speed internet connection is available.

The content of "Articulated Haul Truck - Basic Operation & Safety" is focused on five key areas:

Lesson 1 - Machine basics: This lesson reviews the basic components of a typical six-wheel-drive articulated dump truck (ADT), including its powertrain, braking systems, transmission, and areas of limited visibility.

Lesson 2 - Pre-use inspection: It's vital that operators inspect their truck every day before putting it to work. This module explains how to claim the machine and do a walk-around inspection of a typical ADT.

Lesson 3 - Loading methods: This lesson outlines factors to keep in mind as operators approach a loading area, truck positioning, loading from a bench, spotting methods for over-the- ail and through-the-tail loading, drive-by loading, and loading from a wheel loader.

Lesson 4 - Hauling: This lesson explores the most important situations operators are likely to face on the haul road, how to minimize tire damage and extend tire life, how to travel down a grade with a fully-loaded truck, the challenges of sloping ground, and what to do if the truck gets stuck.

Lesson 5 - Unloading the truck: At the other end of the haul cycle is the dump. This final lesson explains how to approach the dump area, basics of dumping the load, dumping with and without a spotter, roll-over accidents, dumping on an incline, and how to spread a load. Visit for more information.