Virtual Dozer Training Pack Lets Trainees Customize Onsite Conditions

September 13, 2018
The Dozer Training Pack's virtual simulation.

CM Labs Simulations Dozer Simulator Training Pack allows trainees to experience the feel of pushing soil from the seat of a virtual dozer.

Trainees can perform heavy excavation and fine grading with the simulator’s six-way blade, allowing them to learn techniques in a safe environment. The simulation provides a true-to-life experience—even dozer tracks slip based on operator behavior. This realism is owed to the training solution’s ability to engage a simulated transmission and engine.

“The simulator virtual equipment has been engineered from the ground up,” said Drew Carruthers, CM Labs’ Construction Line Manager. “The blade, the transmission, the engine, the controls—if it’s somewhere between the operator and the dirt, it’s been simulated.”

Each exercise built into the training addresses beginner challenges, such as setting the blade angle and maintaining material in front of it. It also includes advanced exercises like excavating a drainage inlet and transversal ditch. All come with on-screen tips and best practice hints.

Source: CM Labs