Vikings Stadium Cost Overruns Near Settlement

February 17, 2016

After months of mediation, the Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority and Mortenson Construction are close to a settlement over who should pay for some $15 million in cost overruns to the new Vikings stadium.

The dispute between the authority and Mortenson Construction centers on design changes done during the project build. Mortenson says the changes were not part of its original bid and as such Mortenson should not have to pay for the changes.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority disagrees, saying Mortenson should have anticipated the changes and include them in their bid.

The disagreement between the two parties has been difficult for subcontractors on the project. Last summer, two subs sent written pleas to the MSFA to settle with Mortenson so that their own companies would not go bankrupt. Mortenson took the initiative to pay the subcontractors rather than wait out the mediation.

The new $1 billion home of the Minnesota Vikings is scheduled to open the first week of August.

The Authority's chair, Michele Kelm-Helgen, expects to announce an agreement at their board meeting this Friday.

Source: Star Tribune; Canadian Press DataFile