View From the Tallest Building Under Construction In the West

April 18, 2016



Now under-construction, the  Wilshire Grand Center  will top off at 1,100 feet (including the 100-foot-plus spire), making it the tallest building west of the Mississippi. The $1.2 billion development is backed by Korean Air and plans to be finished in 2017.

The Wilshire Grand Center will include a 900-room InterContinental Hotel, 18 floors of office space, a sky lobby with an infinity pool, and 45,000 square feet of restaurant space. Take a look at some views from the top here.

However, LA's new mixed use center may not hold the tallest title for long.

Seattle's planned mixed-use tower, known as the 4/C Tower, will - if approved - top the Wilshire Grand by just 11 feet, according to the LA Times.

The proposed Seattle skyscraper is being developed by the Crescent Heights Inspirational Living Corporation. The 4/C project has been facing safety challenges from the FAA. The tower's original plans called for 102-stories at 1,117 feet but the FAA suggested in its notice of presumed hazard something in the range of 965 feet. The FAA's concern is that the 4/C tower could impede air traffic from Boeing Field south of Seattle.

Crescent Heights has said the company considers the FAA challenge a standard procedure and anticipates a determination of 'no hazard' will be reached. The developer  submitted revised drawings to Seattle's city board in March, calling for a 1,029 foot tall building.

Source: UK Business Insider; LA Times; Crescent Heights Corp.