Videos: Wearables for Construction

Videos: Wearables for Construction

August 7, 2016

Watch these videos to see what the stylin' and safe construction worker will be wearing soon:

Redpoint Safety Vests

Like a GPS for the indoors, Redpoint Positioning wearable products provide realtime locations of people within a predefined indoor area. For example, a structure might have a hazardous or off-limits zone in a building that, when geo-fenced, can alert supervisors if a person enters that zone and is at risk, as well as alert the worker of potential hazards. Redpoint systems also allow workers who find themselves in danger to request help at their location.

Bionic exoskeleton suits

Built by Ekso Works, bionic arms and body suits 'amplify' a worker's own physical skills by providing protection and support. For example, the Zero G Arm bears all the weight of a heavy tool a worker is using, such as a large grinder or rotary hammer, easing the accompanying fatigue experienced using heavy power tools.  Less fatigue translates into greater efficiency and fewer job-related injuries.

Myo wristband controller

Thalmic Labs makes an smart wristband that pairs with a display or control platform that translates gestures into functional data. Already popular with gamers and recreational media, the Myo wristband can pair with a smart helmet or smart glasses to communicate with other workers on a site and complete software tasks without removing safety gloves or putting down equipment.