Video: Tappan Zee Bridge Cable Installation

March 21, 2017

VIDEO: Click here to watch

Bridge crews are tying up loose ends on the Governor Malcolm Wilson–Tappan Zee Bridge, installing 192 stay cables on the new $3.9 billion bridge. The stay cables are anchored to alternating sides of each tower and are designed as a protective sheath with smaller metal strands threaded through it. Installation starts with just the sheath and a few of the strands, then more are packed in to strengthen it.

When complete, 24 stay cables will be installed per tower, fanning out progressively longer the higher up the cables are anchored. The shortest cables are 190 feet long, while the longest are 623 feet long. In total, if the strands were placed end to end, would measure 700 miles long. The sheaths alone, measured end to end, would be 14 miles long.

The new bridge spans the Hudson River between Tarrytown and South Nyack, New York.