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Video: Solar-Powered Robot Constructs Big Buildings on Demand

Print-in-Place can build a 12-foot tall igloo in 13.5 hours

April 27, 2017

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab has posted a video of its Digital Construction Platform (DCP) which is designed to fabricate large scale architectural forms on-site in real time.

The DCP v.2 is a mobile tracked, self contained, solar powered robot with two arms that uses additive construction techniques and materials (such as spray foam, concrete, fiber) to create a 2,786 cubic meter structure.

The autonomous system has a fully electric powertrain with a diesel backup alternative; a photovoltaic-charged lithium battery pack for self-sustaining operation, and a digitally controlled tracked base for mobility.

Potential applications for this system include fabrication of non-standard architectural forms, incorporation of data gathered on-site in real time into fabrication processes, and improvements in construction efficiency and safety. Future applications will include exploration of autonomous construction systems for use in disaster relief, hazardous environments, and extraterrestrial exploration.

For more details and photos, click here for IEEE Spectrum Magazine's story.

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