Video: Off-the-Shelf CTL Goes Autonomous

October 19, 2017

The big iron manufacturers are spending big money to bring driverless construction equipment into the everyday construction site, but a 10-person start-up company in San Francisco just may dart around them to provide contractors with autonomous capabilities for already owned vehicles.

Built Robotics, founded by Noah Ready-Campbell, has retrofitted a compact track loader with software and hardware contained in what looks like a hardshell, roof-mounted cargo carrier. Using construction telematics, the CTL can be programmed to work within geo-boundaries, determine the amount of material it is moving, and repeat tasks according to the operator's instructions.

The company recently raised $15 million that is earmarked for hiring more engineers and getting the product ready for the commercial construction market. Ready-Campbell compares his business model to those used by much larger companies who are partnering with smaller tech companies to incorporate autonomous capabilities into their already well-designed vehicles. Built Robotics won't be selling big iron, but it will be making them autonomous.

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