Video: Marriott Goes Modular

May 8, 2017

The next time you step into a Marriott hotel room, both you and the room itself probably traveled some distance to get there. In an industry first, Marriott International has announced it expects to sign 50 hotel deals in 2017 that incorporate prefabricated guestrooms or bathrooms – more than 10 percent of the Select Brand signings expected for the region this year.

“Construction is the next frontier for innovation, and modular is leading the way,” said Eric Jacobs, Marriott International’s Chief Development Officer of Select Brands, North America.

Using the modular process, Marriott's hotel guestrooms and/or bathrooms are manufactured away from the hotel's site in a climate-controlled factory. 

The prefabricated units are transported to the hotel site and the units are lifted into place via crane. On-site finishing includes electrical and plumbing.

Marriott’s modular initiative follows years of research. Marriott began researching modular construction in 2014 by identifying companies that could potentially manufacture hotel spaces. 

After a rigorous selection process, Marriott launched its pilot modular initiative at its 2015 CONNECT conference. Since then, the company has spent time working with select owners who were early adopters of modular construction for their projects, as well as educating lenders about financing such projects.

“We believe the modular process will be a game changer for our valued development partners, especially during a time when labor shortages can be a challenge to timely openings,” said Karim Khalifa, Marriott International’s Senior Vice President of Global Design Strategies. “As modular construction gains popularity and acceptance in the hotel industry, costs can also decrease over time.”