Video: How Do You Obliterate a 20-Ton Roadblock? Very Carefully

January 19, 2016

Somebody's got to do it so might as well make a spectacle of it. That’s what California's Department of Transportation did last week when a landslide in the Sierra Nevada blocked the westbound lane of U.S.. 50 near the small community of Kyburz, blocking a critical highway between Sacramento and Lake Tahoe.

Once traffic control was in place, cars were allowed to proceed one way at a time around a crew drilling holes in the 15-by-15-foot boulder—in which to place explosives. Workers had to be careful not to trigger additional landslides in the unstable hillside above them. After the highway was closed and the charges detonated, the remaining chunks of debris were removed with a loader.

“The quickest and most cost-effective way for us to get rid of it was to use explosives,” says Bill Netto, Caltrans maintenance supervisor for South Lake Tahoe, California, in a Caltrans video of the Kyburz boulder blast operation. “We have blasters that work for Caltrans, and that’s what we’re trained to do.”


Source: Caltrans News Flash