Video: Guided Tour of Apple's Spaceship

June 13, 2016

Popular Science features a new video showing how Apple is growing their newest campus in California.

Apple's new building in California will seat 13,000 employees in a circular structure made of 3,000 curved glass panels for walls and 4,300 hollow concrete slabs.

The glass panels, made to spec at 10.5 feet tall by up to 46 feet wide, are said to be the world's largest pieces of curved structural glass and are made by Sedak/Steele in Germany. Once the panels are finished, the 20-ton crates of glass are shipped from Germany to California by boat, via the Atlantic Ocean through the Panama Canal. Each glass panel is installed by grabbing the glass with suction cups and moving it very slowly into place. In total, the campus will have 900 panes of vertical glass, 1,600 panes of canopy glass, 510 panes of clerestory glass, and 126 panes for skylight glass. The heaviest pieces weigh over 3 tons. The best glass today has a 1/8-inch tolerance, meaning it can be 1/8-inch longer or shorter than specified. But Apple’s glass was designed with even closer precision: a 1/32-inch tolerance.

Campus 2's flatware is made up of custom concrete slabs designed with hollow middle sections that let the building 'breathe' as a means of self-ventilation. The 4,300 slabs average 13 feet by 40 feet each, and the heaviest slabs weigh about 60,000 pounds.

Apple isn't saying how much Campus 2 will cost to build but estimates are in the $5 billion range.