Video: Ford To Redevelop Detroit's Michigan Central Train Station

June 12, 2018

Matthew Moroun announced yesterday his father, Manuel Moroun has sold the now vacant Michigan Central Station to Ford Motor Company. Redevelopment plans will be officially unveiled next week, Moroun said.

The train depot which once handled all of Detroit's passenger train traffic has been vacant for thirty years, but fell into disrepair when Detroit's other transport industry gave people individual mobility.

The old train station sits on 21-acrres with an 18-story building totalling a half-million square feet. According to a 1914 post card, the original cost of the building was $15 million. It has been considered for redevelopment before and survived efforts to have it demolished.

Ford is reportedly planning to convert the blighted station into an urban technology campus. Ford recently began moving about 200 members of its electric and autonomous vehicle business teams into a refurbished former factory near the train station, according to AP.

“These are exciting times for Ford and Detroit,” Ford said in a statement Monday. It said the June 19 announcement “will be a historic day for Detroit, the auto industry and the future of Ford.” Here's a quick look at what Ford bought:

Read more about Ford's plans in the Detroit News here: