Video: Field Training - 12 Weeks at Alcatraz

November 1, 2016

The Concrete Preservation Institute (CPI), in partnership with the National Park Service, conducted one of three 12-week field school sessions on Alcatraz Island in which seven CPI participants used BASF’s Master Builders Solutions materials to restore the iconic structures. BASF is the founding sponsor of the CPI program, providing materials and financial support, technical expertise and business experts.

The field school participants, seven college students and military veterans, planned and implemented the restoration of the staircase beneath the main Cell House building. CPI’s Field School at Alcatraz works to develop future leaders and workforce in the construction industry, while preserving some of the country’s national cultural heritage.

Alcatraz Island’s 22 acres are filled with buildings constructed primarily by the military in different eras, by different work crews, and with different materials. The climatic conditions on the island vary greatly with regard to driving wind, sun, and heavy chloride exposure in the seaside environment. Along with the more than 1.3 million visitors each year, Alcatraz clearly shows the time it has done.

The CPI restoration program provides participants with the unique opportunity to learn their craft while soaking up the culture and history of the location. CPI offers placement assistance and since 2010, all of the participants who accepted CPI's assistance have successfully transitioned either back into academia or into careers spanning the construction industry, from management to skilled trades.

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