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Video: Drivers Bounce Off Steel Construction Barriers

New steel barriers can keep drivers and road workers safer

June 21, 2016

Road construction in Pueblo, Colorado is changing and getting safer.

Where concrete barriers used to be placed along roadwork projects, a new portable steel barrier product is turning up and crash tests show promising results.

The traditional concrete barriers are designed to stop cars from getting into the workzone, but upon impact concrete barriers shatter and blow up, causing damage to the car and possibly to the driver. Nearby workers risk being hit by concrete debris and may still be struck by the car after it has plowed through the broken barrier.

In Greg Dingrando's report for KOAA TV, John Volk with Dynamic Deflections shows how the new steel barriers bend on impact and deflect the car away from the workzone. In the video, there is seems to be very little damage to the car and the driver regains control quickly.

The Dynamic Deflections barriers have other pluses going for them. Watch the video here:

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