VIDEO: Construction Company Roofs Wrong House

July 13, 2016

Two weeks ago, K&G Construction turned up at homeowner Shontey Hambrick's house in Jacksonville, Florida to begin working on her roof. reports problems started when Hambrick told the K&G roofer he was at the wrong house. "I told him multiple times, 'I think you have the wrong address, sir. I think you need to check your paperwork.' He goes back and checked his paperwork and comes back and says, 'Ma'am, this is the correct house,'" Hambrick said.

Hambrick had previously called several contractors for quotes to reroof her home but had not contracted with anyone to do the work. When K&G came to her home, she thought perhaps her insurance company had contracted with them to do the work.

More than halfway through the process, Hambrick said, the company agreed to finish her roof if she signed a building permit application and a notice of commencement. Hambrick refused to sign the backdated permit application.

In a letter from K&G's attorney, the contractor is demanding Hambrick pay for the roof she did not contract for, despite acknowledging K&G was given the wrong address.

Watch the video here.