Video: Completing a 4,000-Mile Data Cable Under the Atlantic

September 27, 2017

Microsoft, Facebook, Telxius are celebrating the completion of the Marea cable that runs beneath the Atlantic Ocean from Virginia Beach to Bilbao, Spain.

Called Marea (Spanish for 'tide'), the cable will send up to 160 terabits of data per second between the U.S. and Spain. That is enough to stream 71 million hi-def videos simultaneously.

Marea is also the highest-capacity subsea cable to cross the Atlantic, weighs 10.25 million pounds, is roughly 4000 miles long and rests 17,000 feet below the ocean's surface.

The location  of the cable will allow network hubs to connect to Marea's open design and allow Africa, Asia, and the Middle East access in the future.

The cable's installation was completed in less than two years - nearly three times faster than typical subsea cable projects, and had to dodge active volcanoes, earthquake zones and coral reefs.

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