Video: City Considers Smoking Ban on Construction Sites

February 28, 2017

Having determined December 3rd's 10-alarm fire that affected 18 buildings and caused over 150 residents to be displaced was the result of subcontractors' careless disposal of smoking materials, according to the Cambridge Fire Department, the Massachusetts city is considering a smoking ban at all construction sites.

Cambridge City Councilor Craig Kelley said, "Construction sites tend to have more combustible flammable material, roofing material, the oil material the paints and so forth, also they don’t have fire suppression systems and they don’t have smoke alarms."

The fire originated in and around recycling bins outside 35/37 Berkshire St., where the subcontractors had been working.

Smoking is already banned at restaurants and other indoor businesses. Kelley said he wants to extend that ban. "We’re making the construction site safer, were making the workers safer, were making the neighbors safer."

For more on the story, link to NBC Boston's video here: