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Video: Backhoe Smash & Grab Fail

Thief forgets pin number and uses backhoe to make withdrawal instead

June 07, 2017

Police in Maryland are looking for a  thief in Prince George's County who stole a backhoe, drove five miles to a nearby Bank of America, and around 4:30 early on Thursday, June 1, began to attack an ATM in hopes of getting some quick cash.

The machine looks like it could be a Deere compact backhoe loader, but even with Deere's Power Tech Plus engine that requires no additional diesel particulate filter, and an automatic PowerShift transmission with a ride control option for smooth moves over rough terrains such as bank curbs, and Mechanical-Front-Wheel Drive (MFWD) limited-slip front axle that provides true four-wheel drive for the most challenging jobsites, the loader will only do about 35 miles per hour at top speed - someone should have noticed this guy cruising down Marlboro Pike in Forestville at 4 in the morning.

The robber's attempt was caught on the bank's security video.

To his credit, though, the backhoe robber did put the stabilizers down before he started peeling off the ATM's skin.

Despite his attempts with the Deere backhoe, the ATM proved to be a tough nut to crack. The robber didn't get any money out of the machine but did manage to do about $10,000 worth of damage.

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