Video: All-Electric T-Pod Long Haul Truck Deletes Driver's Cab

July 6, 2017
Einride's remote driving station

The Swedish company Einride has unveiled its prototype of a new self-driving truck that not only doesn't need a driver, it doesn't even have a place for a driver.

The photo above depicts Einride's remote driving station. The remote operation abilities of the T-pod allow drivers to monitor and operate multiple T-pods at once.

The anonymous-looking 23-foot trailer pod will weigh 20 tons at full load, comparable to a standard Class 8 tractor trailer and is powered by a 200 kWh battery system. Named the T-Pod, the vehicle can be controlled remotely by a human or can operate autonomously. The T-Pod can travel about 124 miles on one charge.

Einride envisions a transportation system  that will involve 200 T-Pods motoring driverlessly between Gothenburg and Hesingborg, Sweden - about 133 miles -  by 2020. The company is developing the infrastructure the T-Pod will need to recharge along the way and has already booked 60 percent of its first routes cargo space.