Video: 3D Printed House Is More Than Just a Living Space

March 30, 2018
A five room house was printed by the University of Nantes in France

A five-room house was printed by the University of Nantes in France using a patented 3D printing method called BatiPrint3D - the result looks like a place that could easily be called Home.

The 3D printed housing project is called Yhnova. This "smart house" will be equipped with a range of sensors and monitoring systems to keep track of the home’s air quality, humidity, temperature, and condition of the 3D printed materials.

Unlike other housing prototypes, the BatiPrint3D robotic process deposits three layers of material to construct the home: one formwork layer made of a foam-like material, an insulating layer, and a structuring layer made from a special 3D printable concrete mixture.

The Yhnova house project's goal are to demonstrate how additive technology can quickly produce desirable housing solutions at an affordable cost. The BatiPrint3D robotic process in particular is well suited for building in areas where traditional construction methods were either too expensive or physically difficult.

On April 7, visitors are invited to tour the Yhnova to see the impressive 3D printed building in person. In June, the first residents will be given the keys to the 3D printed house. According to the University of Nantes, a family will be selected to live there based on the established social housing criteria.

Yhnova is the product of a collaboration between the University of Nantes in France, Bouygues Construction, Lafarge Holcim, the Nantes Métropole Habitat organization, and TICA architectes & urbanistes.

image: University of Nantes