Vermont Boosts Transportation Projects

By Paul Fournier | September 28, 2010

The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans), headed by Transportation Secretary Neale Lunderville, expects to advertise 71 projects during calendar 2007, as indicated in the agency's Anticipated Advertising Schedule.

Bridge construction and repair is strongly emphasized in the 2007 program of the agency, which is charged with the preservation, development and enhancement of the state's transportation system. Vermont has approximately 14,000 miles of roadway, 320 miles of interstate, over 2,370 miles of toll-free state highways and 11,210 miles of municipal roads, and there are some 2,680 highway bridges over 20 feet in length on this system.

Many of the state's bridges are approaching their designed lifespan of approximately 80 years, and nearly 40 percent of them are VTrans' responsibility. In line with this, the agency is boosting the number of projects related to bridge work, with 30 of them scheduled over the next 12 months.

Paving work is the number two category of projects slated for 2007. Twenty-three are included in the advertising schedule.

The agency's advertising schedule reflects the anticipated increase in federal funds for transportation construction. Federal legislation (SAFETEA-LU) passed in August 2005 makes Vermont second in the nation in the amount of federal funding it will receive in proportion to the federal payments it makes. SAFETEA-LU boosts the state's funding by the Federal Highway Administration by more than $60 million per year through 2009.

VTrans does not post precise estimated costs for each job, using instead an alphabetical code for estimated cost ranges, with an "A" designation representing an estimated cost under $250,000, and "G," the highest designation, standing for a cost greater than $10 million.

This year's list contains two "G" jobs — roadway jobs in Hartford and St. Albans, while three "F" projects, with estimated costs running between $5 million and $10 million, are listed. Two of these are bridge jobs — in Guilford and Berlin.

At the lower end of the estimated cost scale, only five projects are counted as "A" jobs with under $250,000 costs.

While it is not possible to compute an exact total estimated cost for the 71 projects due to VTrans' method of listing, using the minimum and maximum values for each designation for calculation produces an approximate sum of between $96 million and $160 million for 2007.

Category Funding Codes for All Construction Projects
Engineers Estimate Category
Less than $250,000 A
$250,000 – $500,000 B
$500,000 – $1,000,000 C
$1,000,000 – $2,500,000 D
$2,500,000 – $5,000,000 E
$5,000,000 – $10,000,000 F
Over $10,000,000 G

Transportation Projects: Vermont AOT Tentative Advertising Schedule
(List is subject to change and will be updated approximately once per month)
January 3 Troy Bridge B
January 10 Greensboro-Glover Paving D
January 17 Rochester-Chittenden-Rochester Paving D
January 24 Danville/Danville St.-Johnsbury Paving E
January 24 Randolph Bridge A
January 24 Shoreham Bridge B
January 31 Chester-Ludlow Paving E
January 31 Ludlow Paving C
February 7 Castleton Bridge C
February 7 Springfield Bridge B
February 14 Bennington Roadway E
February 14 Colchester Paving C
February 14 Hartford Roadway G
February 21 Montgomery-Berkshire Paving E
February 21 St. Johnsbury-Lyndon Roadway C
February 21 Waterford Roadway C
February 28 Bethel-Randolph/Randolph-Brookfield Paving E
February 28 Moretown-Duxbury-Moretown Paving E
February 28 Rutland-Proctor Paving D
March 7 Johnson Bridge E
March 7 Middlebury Paving D
March 7 New Haven-Weybridge Bridge C
March 14 Barton-Orleans Bridge D
March 14 Manchester Paving E
March 21 Springfield Bridge C
March 21 Weathersfield Bridge C
March 28 Bristol Bridge D
March 28 Highgate Aviation A
March 28 Salisbury-Cornwall Bridge D
April 4 Fairlee Bike/Ped. A
April 4 Killington-Bridgewater Paving E
April 11 Hinesburg Safety B
April 11 Middlesex Bridge D
April 11 Milton-Georgia Paving E
April 18 Bennington Roadway F
April 18 Rutland Town Bridge D
April 25 Statewide Paving B
April 25 Statewide Paving B
April 25 Vernon-Brattleboro Paving D
May 2 Dover Safety A
May 2 Statewide Paving C
May 2 Wallingford Bike/Ped. C
May 9 Brookfield-Williamstown Paving C
May 9 Guilford Bridge F
May 9 St. Albans Roadway G
May 23 Barnet-Waterford Paving C
May 23 Pownal Bridge C
June 6 Fairfield Bridge B
June 13 Enosburg Park & Ride B
June 13 Randolph Bridge A
June 27 Dummerston Bridge D
July 11 Berlin Bridge F
July 11 Derby Traffic B
July 25 Hartford-Newbury Roadway C
August 1 Hartford Rest Area E
August 15 Pittsford Rail Bridge C
September 19 Montgomery Bridge C
October 24 East Montpelier Bridge D
November 28 Waterbury Traffic B
December 5 Richmond-So. Burlington Paving E
December 5 So. Burlington-Colchester Paving E
December 5 St. George-S. Burlington Paving D
December 12 Brownington Bridge C
December 12 Middlebury Bridge D
December 12 Stockbridge Bridge C
December 19 Lincoln Bridge C
December 19 Pownal Bridge C
January 2 Canaan Bridge C
February 6 East Montpelier Bridge C
March 5 Williamstown Bridge C
March 19 Williston Roadway C