Vermeer Introduces "Bore Pilot"

Staff | September 28, 2010

Courtesy of Vermeer Manufacturing

Vermeer Manufacturing Company recently introduced Bore Pilot, a horizontal directional drilling (HDD) tutorial on CD that aids contractors, civil engineers and operators in planning before, during and after the boring process.

"The CD is used as a planning tool so that nothing is overlooked during the boring process," said Ed Savage, underground segment manager for Vermeer.

The tutorial provides an introduction to HDD and the boring process by providing a detailed project process map that helps contractors plan their bores. Bore Pilot also discusses safety considerations and the types of pipe used in HDD along with their specific applications.

Contractors can also use the pulling load calculator to calculate the required pulling load for a specific HDD project based on the type of pipe used; pipe diameter, and total bore length. The calculator will also recommend the appropriate size of drill based on the bore specification entered for the project. A soil classification guide helps contractors determine the project site's soil type and matches the appropriate drill bit and backreamer. It also includes a fluid-mixing process map that shows how much mud should be used based on soil conditions, drill unit and tooling used.

"Bore Pilot is a powerful tool that provides useful information for both experienced and novice HDD machine operators and job planners," Savage said. "We've received positive feedback from contractors and have found increased benefit when we walk operators through the tutorial during our training events."