Vactor Unveils Next-Generation Vacuum Excavator

October 4, 2017
Vactor unveiled HXX concept vacuum excavator

Vactor Manufacturing unveiled a concept vacuum excavator during the 2017 International Construction & Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) in Louisville, Ky. 

The HXX concept features an improved weight distribution design to maximize legal payloads for customers and improves operational efficiency. “Maximizing productivity while adhering to strict weight regulations is a constant challenge for vacuum excavation users,” said Ben Schmitt, product manager. “Weight enforcement is an important issue within the industry, as overweight fines can be significant.”

 The placement of the debris body and water tank on the concept’s chassis ensures equal distribution of the payload on the axles, regardless of how much water is in the tanks. This design is an improvement over previous vacuum excavators configured with sloped floors in uni-body designs where weight shifts as water is used and debris is loaded, often resulting in lost payload capacity. Each component of the HXX concept truck was purposely placed to ensure the entire chassis gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) is used.

Single-piston water system

A new PrecisionFlow  water pump system on the HXX concept features a single-piston design which is capable of higher flow and pressures than a triplex water pump system for superior production and reliability. “This new water pump system features half the moving parts of a traditional hydroexcavation water pump, eliminating more expensive and less reliable pressure regulating mechanisms or unloading valves and enabling quick and easy servicing in the field,” Schmitt said.

Improved operator interaction

The HXX concept features Vactor’s Park-N-Dig quick operation design, which reduces set-up and tear-down time between jobs. In addition, the concept features a seven-inch display featuring real-time operational and performance information feedback to allow the operator to maximize productivity. The HXX concept also features Vactor’s Bluetooth service connectivity tool and on-screen diagnostics for quick and easy field troubleshooting if necessary.

“Everything about the HXX concept truck was designed with operator safety, product reliability, productivity and serviceability in mind,” Schmitt said.

QuietPak system

The HXX concept is equipped with a QuietPak sound-damping system featuring a Robuschi positive displacement blower rated for 6,176 CFM and 28-in. Hg. The system delivers higher airflow and quieter operation, with a decibel rating of less than 90 dB(A) throughout the RPM range. Featuring ultra-quiet inlet and outlet silencers acoustically matched to the blower, this system is ideal for work at higher altitudes.

“The new HXX concept showcases our latest design thinking in terms of improvements in payload capacity, weight distribution, operation and performance,” said Ben Schmitt, product manager at Vactor Manufacturing. “Our goal in previewing this HXX concept at ICUEE is to gain feedback from customers and other industry professionals before launching the next generation of this truck.”

 HXX vacuum excavator concept product specifications

  • Vacuum system rated at 6,200 CFM and 28-inch Hg
  • Water pump system rated at 30 GPM and 3,000 psig
  • Water tank capacity: 1,200 gallons
  • Debris tank capacity: 16 cubic yards
  • Boom reach: 27.5-foot overall reach, 320 degrees of rotation

Source: Vactor