VA Investigation Panel For Over-Budget Hospital Project Lacks Construction Expert

April 23, 2015

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), which is investigating the over-budget Aurora, Colo. medical center construction project, is missing a vital member - a construction expert.

The project began with a $604 million construction budget and is now expected to cost $1.73 billion. 

A panel of three VA employees, including a lawyer and an employee relations specialist, is investigating why the project is more than $1 billion over the original budget. A top military construction official has been unavailable to join the investigation team.

In a statement, VA said it established the “board to look at the actions and processes that resulted in the current situation as well as the employees responsible for those actions and decisions.”

Work on the construction site shut down after contractor Kiewit-Turner won a lawsuit that successfully argued the hospital could not be completed with a $604 million budget. 

Construction work on the hospital has resumed under an interim contract, but will come to another halt if Congress does not agree to provide the additional funding. 

Source: The Washington Post

UPDATE: An expert has been added to the panel.