Utilities Upgraded In Wayne

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

Approximately 7,500 feet of 8-inch ductile iron water main is being placed in a residential neighborhood in the city of Wayne to replace existing water main. The upgrade includes approximately 136 new 3/4-inch copper service connections to homes in the neighborhood and replacement of fire hydrants. The project also includes upgrading storm sewers and streets in the neighborhood.

ADJ Excavating, of Shelby Township, is the subcontractor doing the water main and storm sewer work. ADJ Excavating is installing approximately 1,500 feet of 12-inch concrete storm sewer. Tiseo Brothers, of Washington Township, is the prime contractor for the project and they are paving the streets with 20,000 square yards of 8-inch non-reinforced concrete. The project began in April and will be completed in August.

"We've been doing this project as they have been replacing a gas main. The old gas main and the new gas main are in service. It is causing a challenge trying to get portions of the job done between existing water service and two existing gas mains," Ron Recchia, president of ADJ Excavating, said.

"Tiseo's part in the project includes removing the existing concrete and we're coming in behind them. We're doing this operation between them removing the existing concrete and placing the new concrete. They are trying to not get too far ahead of us, but we also have to maintain access to residents' homes. So, that causes a little bit of a challenge, but it appears to be working out OK.

"The most challenging part of this project is keeping the traffic undisturbed. The water main is being installed under the streets; therefore one lane needs to be removed. The concrete will be replaced once the water main is in service and all of the homes have been reconnected to the new water main. Until then, the residents need access to their homes and if needed, emergency vehicles need to have access as well."

Material quantities on the project include 2,200 cubic yards of compacted-in-place earth excavation; 3,850 tons of 21AA limestone aggregate base and undercut; 28,500 square feet of 6-inch drive approaches; 1,794 square feet of 6-inch sidewalk; 21,200 square feet of 4-inch sidewalk ramp; 40 tons of cold patch asphalt; and 5,500 lineal feet of existing pavement joint and crack sealing.


Project: Water main and storm sewer upgrades and concrete paving in Wayne

Prime contractor: Tiseo Brothers, of Washington Township

Water main and storm sewer subcontractor: ADJ Excavating, of Shelby Township