USGBC Seeks Reviewers for Education Provider Program

September 28, 2010

The U.S. Green Building Council issued an ongoing call Sept. 30, 2008, for USGBC members interested in joining the team that provides peer review of the courses and content that make up the Education Provider Program. Green building subject matter experts and educators are sought for this team.

Given the exponential growth in the green building market, there is a proportionate demand for top-quality education opportunities to support that growth. USGBC facilitates access to this education through Greenbuild365, a new online education portal, which includes a catalog of courses offered by USGBC and Education Providers. Professionals seeking to go beyond LEED and enrich their knowledge of green building theories, techniques, and business trends want to know the content is accurate, timely and worth their time. Reviewers provide this important oversight.

“Education is the cornerstone of USGBC’s mission of transforming the building marketplace, and the Education Provider Program accelerates that mission by making top-quality courses that have been rigorously tested and reviewed available to the public,” said Peter Templeton, Senior Vice President of Research & Education, USGBC. “An expanded reviewer base will help us more rapidly increase the number of courses in our catalog and ensure the ongoing excellence of the program.”

In addition to courses, Templeton noted that the program is launching a review process for conferences and one-time events, along with a new fee structure on Oct. 13, 2008.
USGBC developed the Education Provider Program to address the widespread need for green building education beyond LEED.

All USGBC Education Provider Program courses are included in a course catalog on the Greenbuild365 education portal, Reviewers are professionals from USGBC’s member companies, chapters and affiliates who are knowledgeable in the field of green building, sustainable design and instructional design.

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Reviewers receive benefits that enhance their own professional expertise. Reviewers are
trained the basics of adult education, the review process and criteria. This training can be used to enhance their own courses which they create, and reviewers are eligible for a free review of one of their own courses annually after completing 12 course reviews. A current list of reviewers is listed on the program web page.

To view the catalog of available green building continuing education courses please visit the Greenbuild365 website. For more information about the Education Provider Program visit