UpRight Brand Merged into Snorkel Brand

September 28, 2010

Munich--The owners of UpRight Powered Access today announce the UpRight name will be merged into the Snorkel brand, creating one single global manufacturer of aerial work platforms. Going forward, the company will market all products under the Snorkel banner only.

Snorkel and UpRight Powered Access are both owned by The Tanfield Group Plc in the UK. Since 2007, Tanfield has run both the UpRight and Snorkel brands, with separate territorial responsibilities, different product portfolios and often different model designations for the same machines.

Darren Kell, CEO of The Tanfield Group Plc, said: “We have spent the past three years harmonising these two distinct brands.

“There is now one global product range and one united global team dedicated to building, selling and supporting these machines.

“The time is therefore right to give the company a unified, global identity.”

One brand ensures clear, simple messaging for Snorkel’s growing global customer base. As part of the process, Snorkel has assigned new model designations to its worldwide product range. 

Although the UpRight name will no longer be used to market aerial lifts, Snorkel will continue to support all existing UpRight machines in the field.

Darren Kell added: “UpRight has a proud history and one that we will continue to cherish.

”Going forward, Snorkel embodies the core values of both companies – a customer-focused, global organisation that produces robust, reliable machines that are easy to operate and easy to maintain.”

-Source: Snorkel