Updated Trackunit Mobile App Connects Man & Machine

February 20, 2018
Trackunit On smartphone app enables equipment fleets to monitor machine and operator health.

Trackunit has introduced an advanced version of its Trackunit On smartphone app, enabling equipment rental companies and fleet owners to stay right on top of machine and operator health.

The new app provides a smart solution to log and track start-up routines together with service and maintenance requirements. Trackunit On provides a smartphone-driven checklist so operators can ensure equipment passes all pre-checks, service requirements are up to date, and submit reports of any visual damage - including photographic evidence. For rental companies, Trackunit On can be a tool for making pre-checks before rented equipment is handed over and final checks when equipment is returned.

On-site safety is a major concern, and Trackunit On will help protect equipment operators by reducing the chance of faulty and unsafe equipment being used. By connecting man and machine in a single app, Trackunit On keeps track of hours worked and equipment operated.

Using Trackunit On to report faults and damage enables the repair process to be streamlined so service technicians can bring machines to full operational condition quickly and conveniently. In turn, this will cut costs associated with downtime, delayed servicing and repair.

An intelligent ecosystem of tools and services provides rental companies, fleet supervisors and managers with key equipment metrics and utilization. Used proactively, monitoring the condition and use of machines will have a beneficial effect on lifecycle, cost of ownership and residual value.

Trackunit President, Jeff Cohen said; “Trackunit On shows how telematics can help the digitization of the construction and equipment rental industry in a convenient and intelligent manner, using the smartphones or mobile devices people carry every day. Our technology continues to link equipment rental companies and fleet owners to their respective operators and equipment so as to increase safety and productivity while reducing downtime and costs.  This application can be utilized with equipment outfitted with or without telematics, allowing fleet owners to go paperless and increase visibility without GPS.”

Source: Trackunit


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