Update: Tesla's Semi Sticker Price Revealed

November 28, 2017
Tesla has three Semi models for purchase

The new Tesla electric Class 8 Semi trucks unveiled earlier this month are ready for online ordering.

When Elon Musk debuted the new Semi, focus was directed to the truck's technology and cost of operation. No price stickers were attached to the windows.

This week, Tesla has confirmed the cost for the three planned Semi models with the launch of its pre-order page.

The all-electric Semi reachs 60 mph in 5 seconds. Add on 80,000 pounds of cargo and the Semi needs only 20 seconds to reach 60 mph powered by one of two different battery pack configurations. Batteries will be recharged at a Tesla Megacharger that will add 400-miles of range in a 30-minute charge. Tesla says the Megacharger technology is about ten times faster than its current superchargers. Regenerative braking recovers available kinetic energy.

According to a in-depth analysis by The Verge, an average conventional Class 8 truck costs around $120,000 and burns about $70,000 of diesel fuel per year, costing about $0.54 per mile. Musk says the Tesla Semi will consume less than 2kwh of electricity per mile, or about 26 cents based on the average cost of electricity in the U.S. Tesla estimates owners will get up to $200,000 in fuel savings over the life of the truck.  Maintenence and repair should be less expensive as well because electric engines are cheaper to maintain than diesel/gas-burning engines.

Tesla has three Semi models for purchase - a 300-mile range model starting at $150,000, a 500-mile range model at $180,000 and the top-of-the-line Founders Series selling for $200,000. For now only 1,000 of the Founder Series are available to reserve.

How to order a Tesla Semi

All three models require an initial $5,000 credit card deposit. Then, within 10 days, a wire transfer of $15,000 is due for the 300mile or 500-mile models. If you'd like more than one truck, a $20,000 wire transfer is required for each additional truck reservation.

If you prefer to go big and reserve one of Founder Series Semis, you will need to follow up your $5,000 credit card payment with a $195,000 wire transfer payment for the first Founders Series Tesla Semi plus a $200,000 wire transfer for each additional Founders Series Tesla Semi.

Wire transfers are due within 10 days and reservations are not final until the wire transfer payment is received.

You'll take delivery in 2019.