Update: SFO Tilting Tower Land Never Evaluated By Engineers

February 7, 2017

The hunt for who is to blame for San Francisco's sinking Millennium Tower continues as Jack Moehle, a structural engineering professor at University of California Berkeley, testified his job was to verify the tower's design met current building codes. Moehle said his job was not to verify if the building would actually be viable and safe on the site.

As a paid consultant for Mission Street Development, Moehle signed off on the tower's design. According to KPIX5, the local CBS affiliate, Millennium Tower has what’s called a prescriptive design - meaning it strictly follows current building codes without actually determining whether those will work. As a result, no study of the soil under the site was required.

Moehle was initially reluctant to testify before a peer review board last week but was subpoenaed to appear. During his testimony, Moehle placed the blame elsewhere saying, “The responsible party may be the Earth that God gave us…”

Click here for the CBS/KPIX5 video report.