Update: Irma Toppled Crane Counterweights

September 13, 2017

As feared, several cranes in Miami lost their counterweights during Hurricane Irma.

City of Miami inspectors have been working with general contractors at the VIce Apartment Tower, the Gran Parasio condo tower, and the Auberge Beach Residences to assess any damage the cranes may have done to the buildings' structures.

Miami Commissioner Ken Russell, whose district includes downtown and Edgewater, said Miami was lucky the storm wasn't worse. Irma's sustained winds in Miami were at tropical storm strength, though hurricane level gusts were recorded.

"Had we had more of a direct hit, certainly more cranes would have come down," Russell said.

But Russell did say three counterweights from the collapsed Gran Paraiso crane did fall in the street and were embedded several inches in the road asphalt, the Miami Herald reports. Counterweights can weigh up to 20 tons.

"The neighbors next door say their buildings shook when those things fell," Russell said. Another counterweight fell into the tower under construction, he added.

Crews are securing the cranes and Vice developer Property Markets Group said a second crane must be erected to remove the damaged crane and repair any damage to the unfinished apartment tower.

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