Update: I-85 Overpass Contractor Up For $3.1 M Bonus for Early Finish

April 13, 2017

Russell McMurry, Georgia's state transportation commissioner, announced yesterday that GDOT has placed a hefty bonus on the table if CW Matthews, the contractor repairing the I-85 overpass, can finish the job and re-open I-85 before the originally agreed upon June 15 completion date.

McMurry gave a status update on the progress of the reconstruction project so far during Wednesday's update.

"The 13 columns have been fully replaced -- the ones that have been damaged have been repaired and replaced. We're now working on the caps or the supports that the beams sit on. And as you'll remember, there were 61 beams that were damaged by the fire that had to be replaced. Twenty of those beams have already been constructed, that have been built by the beam builder. We anticipate taking delivery of those beams next week -- on Monday. That will continue to occur over a week or a week and a half, to take delivery of the beams, so those beams can be put out here, and deck construction can begin after that."

GDOT's incentive is this:

If CW Matthews can get I-85 reopened by midnight on May 25, they'll get an additional $1.5 million bonus.

If they can get it reopened by May 21, they'll get a $2 million bonus. If they can get it opened even sooner, they'll get a $200,000 per day bonus.

That's a potential $3.1 million grand total.

McMurry said the May 21 date is achievable but much depends on weather.