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Update: Foxconn Chooses Wisconsin

Wisconsin lawmakers must now consider a subsidy package nearly 50 times bigger than any of the state's previous packages

July 27, 2017
Construction of the Foxconn factory could lead to 10,000 construction jobs

Milwaukee's Journal Sentinel reports that construction of the 20 million square foot Foxconn factory could lead to 10,000 construction jobs over the next four years. Although the exact site has not been selected, areas in Racine and Kenosha counties in southeastern Wisconsin are high on the list.

Wisconsin will be the new site of a LCD display panel factory making products for computer screens, smartphones, and other digital devices.

Several states had courted the Chinese Foxconn Technology Group for the $10 billion plant which may employ up to 13,000 workers.

Watch the Journal Sentinel's video here:

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