Update: Apple Says No Bids Necessary

January 22, 2018

According to Reuters, Apple chief Tim Cook said the company does not plan to go through a bidding process for its planned new customer support campus in an as yet unnamed location. Cook said on Wednesday that he did not want an “auction kind of process.”

Instead, Apple is keeping its plans in house and is further qualifying the list of potential locations released last week. “We’ve narrowed the list a lot,” Cook said of potential sites. “We wanted to narrow it so we prevent this auction kind of process that we want to stay out of.”

Denver has already opted out of the competition because the potential jobs don't pay enough, accord to Sam Bailey, vice president of economic development for the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp. “The project is really for a technical support center, and while we have existing Apple locations, we’re not confident that the wages of a technical support center would support wage growth opportunities in Colorado.”

On the other hand, the mayor of Sidney, Neb., is actively looking for public support to bring Apple to their town. Until last fall, Sidney was the world headquarters for Cabela's who was purchased by Bass Pro in 2017.

According to the Sand Hills Express, Mayor Arterburn has asked Sidney residents to write letters to Tim Cook:

We would like you to write a letter and email it to development@cityofsidney.org. We will print and mail them in specially colored envelopes all on the same day so they will stand out when they are received. We hope this will make a bigger impression on him.

If you have any suggestions, please include them in your email. Also, we would like the letters to look professional so please put them on a personal letterhead.

Plans announced last week call for a 5-year, $30 billion project that will generate 20,000 jobs. Apple said it will announce the location for the new customer support center later this year.